Hydropress touchless car wash technology

  • HAWK high pressure pumps

    Water consumption 12.5 liters/min, with an operating pressure of ~110 bar.

  • Two-speed Siemens electric motors

    Engines with a power of 3.6 kW and rotational speeds of 750 / 1500 rpm.

  • SEKO electronic dosing pumps

    Pumps controlled by impulses from the car wash controller ensure precise dosing of chemicals (each program has its own pump).

  • Efficient ACV, AIC and AO Smith condensing boilers

    Available models and types of devices adjusted in power to the needs of the car wash (from 25 to 100 kW). The offer includes gas, oil and electric boilers and heat exchangers (e.g. for district heating).

  • Water treatment system

    The system consists of a water softener and a high-performance reverse osmosis module. Electronic control of the water treatment system protects the fittings against damage and ensures high quality of washing.

  • Autonomous, modern car wash control system

    Equipped with a PLC controller enabling full control over all car wash components, changing chemical concentration settings, device operating time, and income control. Fully proprietary and advanced software guarantees control of the car wash via the Internet, after logging in on a computer or mobile device. Automation and control elements equipped with sensors regulating the operation of all the most important components of the car wash, and twilight sensors automatically control the lighting of the stations.

  • Energy-saving technology for regulating underfloor heating

    The intelligent floor heating system automatically adjusts the heating power to weather conditions, giving savings of up to 40% (optional equipment).

  • Washing gun with lance

    Guns with a lance and a stainless high-pressure nozzle, equipped with an anti-freeze system. Stainless steel lance pockets included.

  • Stainless steel Mosmatic swivel arms

    Arms with a length of 155 cm and a 360-degree rotation angle, equipped with straight and angular rotary joints.

The design of a touchless car wash

konstrukcja Basic

Steel construction Basic

konstrukcja Premium

Steel construction Premium

Construction of a touchless car wash ÔÇô equipment elements

Kontener technologiczny

Technical container Premium

made of steel profiles protected against corrosion, encased in sandwich panels with a polyurethane core, 60 mm thick. The durable floor frame is covered with 4 mm thick sheet metal and carpet, and has standard cut-outs for media.


Steel constrction with roof and lighting

based on closed profiles, C-sections, pipes made of carbon steel (galvanized link) and galvanized steel gutters. Single-pitch flat roof made of galvanized and powder-coated trapezoidal sheet metal.


Attic made of dibond

with illuminated inscriptions and a decorative LED light strip around the entire circumference of the rim.


High quality banners

resistant to UV rays, changing weather conditions and vehicle cleaning chemicals.

Panele operatorskie

Hydropress operator panels

made of stainless steel, equipped with moisture-proof protection of the coin validator, display, damage-resistant piezoelectric buttons, and an emergency switch off the station. Each cabinet is insulated and equipped with heating technology to protect against low temperatures and moisture condensation.

As part of the offer you receive

Doradztwo inwestycyjno - budowalne

Investment and construction consulting

The team of specialists and technology enthusiasts creating the Hydropress brand offers comprehensive support at every stage of the investment and construction process. Our advisors respond to the individual needs of each investor and select the most advantageous form of investment. They provide all substantive support in the field of acquiring real estate, administrative decisions, construction works and technological solutions available on the market.

Doradztwo w zakresie finansowania zewn─Ötrznego

Consulting in the field of external financing

Taking into account the assessment of the financial situation of our business partners and their individual needs, we provide professional support in obtaining financing from external sources available on the market. Working with the European Leasing Fund, we advise on obtaining credit, loans, leasing or co-financing from public funds, tailored to the capabilities and needs of the entrepreneur.

Audyt lokalizacji i badanie jej potencjału ekonomicznego

Location audit and examination of its economic potential

Using many years of experience, acquired knowledge and cooperation with industry specialists, we conduct a thorough analysis of each proposed location and recommend only places with high economic potential and measurable profitability.

Pozyskanie pozwolenia na budow─Ö

Obtaining a building permit

By providing comprehensive investment and construction support, the Hydropress engineering team quickly and error-free prepares the design and technical documentation necessary to submit to the office in order to obtain a valid building permit. We guarantee an effective solution that saves valuable time and allows you to start construction works immediately after acquiring the rights to the property.

Szkolenia techniczne operator├│w myjni

Technical training for car wash operators

Appreciating the high quality of the services provided, immediately after opening the facility, we conduct free technical training dedicated to all car wash operators. This form of substantive support prepares you for full and conscious administration of both a single facility and a network of touchless car washes.

Obsługa serwisowa

Service support

After putting the facility into operation, we guarantee comprehensive technical support from qualified Hydropress service technicians who are happy to provide all support in the operation of the facility. We regularly conduct technical inspections of facilities and prepare advice dedicated to operators and administrators of touchless car washes.

Washing programs

Basic washing

A program that involves cleaning the car with softened, warm water under a pressure of ~110 bar, enriched with alkaline liquid chemicals that soften dirt caused by mud, sand or small insects.


The program uses cold tap water to rinse the remains of the main wash and foam spraying from the vehicle and prepares the vehicle body for waxing.


A program using warm water mixed with a polymer (waxing agent), leaving a protective and shiny layer on a clean car body, slowing down the adhesion of subsequent dirt.


An ergonomic program based on a reverse osmosis system that demineralizes water, combining polishing and drying functions, eliminating the need to manually wipe the bodywork.

Brush washing

An extremely easy-to-use program that allows you to remove even the largest and most dried dirt on the vehicle's body, while protecting the paint from damage.

Insect spray

The washing program is enriched with a special chemical preparation that enables effective removal of dirt, remains and traces of insects, while also protecting the paint on the car body.

Active foam

High-performance foam applied at low pressure with carefully selected proportions, combining low consumption of water and chemical products, while maintaining the highest quality of washing.

Rims spraying

A washing program that effectively removes carbon deposits, brake pad deposits and road dirt, while at the same time taking special care of the condition of the car's rim surface.